If you at first your app does not fly out of the app store... You will begin to ask yourself many questions about why... I suspect it's just the sheer volume of apps, you get buried, it is rare someone is just discovered (e.g., Tiny Wings). But a good app is a good app. Great apps elevate in popularity because they are great, right? Assuming they aren't overtaken by competitors in features (and thusly missing a window of opportunity) they still stand a good chance of making it... Maybe that is my hope springing eternal and my belief we truly do have a fun little game worth the coin... If I didn't why bother trying!


The following links detail the entire series. I found it very thought-provoking and relevant to our current efforts:






I really need to try some of these things for the next app(s)! If you develop apps what works for you? As a consumer what resonates the most?

I am just looking for magic marketing bullets... Rarer than a unicorn I suspect...










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