I saw XOXO announced a while ago, but before I was ready, and I want to participate someday, but I never got my stuff ready in time to pitch in (will it ever be ready ready?!) My issues aside the event looks really interesting! Especially the popup indie game arcade. The downside of announcing this now I believe the conference portion is completely sold out, but the fringe bits and the market look open to the public. Maybe there is still more to experience and not be officially part of it.
Well now the event itself is on your radar.
XOXO is an arts and technology festival celebrating disruptive creativity. We’re bringing independent artists who use the Internet to make a living doing what they love together with the technologists building the tools that make it possible.

I stumbled onto a blog by Marc-André at http://exludis.tumblr.com/

He had some great media and thoughts and ideas I believe are worth spreading:


His post on obsession and passion (the original item that drew me to his blog in the first place) was thought provoking: http://exludis.tumblr.com/post/23227103235/from-passion-to-obsession

and the two games he found inspiring I found intriging as well: http://exludis.tumblr.com/post/22778740998/two-inspirations

Ira Glass on Storytelling [but this applies to any creative venture]: http://vimeo.com/24715531


Jesse Shell on information flow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y92-vkyHKbY


That leaves very little else not linked that he has shared on game development... Just go check em out and form your own opinion... 

I post in the spirit of sharing something I found interesting, but I really don't think I am will add anything to the overall discussion... at this point in time...

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