Seems silly for me to do but I let my domain name registration expire (sort of). I was really busy working on doing a major update for one of the Appsomniacs games, Zombie Road Rage, and I forgot to authorize the transfer I initiated to my new registrar and hosting service... The devil is in the details. It is taken care of now (obviously if you can read this!) I am filing this under "silly dev". I will endeavor to not have THAT happen again! Anyone who sent me an email in the past few days likely got a bounce. Please resend that discourse, I would love to pick up where we left off!


EDIT 7/14/2012

My email now works again... Anything send to me from 7/10 to 7/14 midday was summarily accepted and discarded without warning. I got enough reports of non-answer on my part that I had to go kick the mail server to spin up after the domain transfer... Wow...


I'm not a system administrator Jim!

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