and CodeWorx have started working on the next Flip the Bird update... Too early to talk details (we don't even know how some of the changes will work yet exactly...) No earth shaking changes, just items that clarify the game's intent and objectives, and we really want to put some achievements in there...

We got some stuff for the web site cooking too... My friend Chris Keller of CMK Productions is making this all happen. Without him the CodeWorx web effort would be floundering due to me being spread to thin, if not just a complete flop...

Hey check out (and like) our Facebook landing page for the Flip project.

There is a contest on the Facebook landing page... like it and get into a drawing for a promo code to (use or gift) every month just for being a fan on Facebook.

I will close with a thought... I have not heard truer words... Software is never done... We have so many more projects in the queue we want to work on it boggles my mind, but I feel the need to finish this title adequately... before spreading myself even more thin...

Well I better stop muttering to myself and get to work...

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