The simplest tool is a wedge... since I am a simple jack of all tools and master of none. Am I the ultimate wedge wielder or just in possession of sufficiently diluted skill sets?


Wait... did I just call myself a tool... Well if I did I can say with complete honesty that is not the worst of things I have ever called myself...

I am not sure why everyone is so bent about using Windows 8 (which is not windows phone 8, but hang in I will get to that part, as I believe MS will get Windows 8 to be more attuned to windows phone 8 too.) So W8 has essential what is a Windows 7+ interface *and* the new interface formerly known as Metro (IfkaM)

If you don't like one part use the other. Essentially very little changes in that regard if you use the win7 style interface. Personally I think the IfkaM interface would make a great screen saver of sorts. The live tiles are interesting concept. So it may make a great interactive desktop. Give it a chance I say. Be open to change. Hell give it a month and someone will have a Windows 3.1 interface if that floats your boat.

So I am not bent about the existence of windows 8, but I do loathe that my world is about to have ANOTHER dang platform to consider... but this news actually piqued my interest today: 

Supporting multiple platforms is a real time sink and I think I am ready to commit to a tool to make it happen at the cost of control at or near the hardware... I think I am... Ask me later what I thought about it. ;)


I tinker with my Linux because I have to.

I tinker with my Windows because I can.

I tinker with my Mac because I was told not to.

Zombie Road Rage is now free!

Published 8/14/2012 by Hunter

Did you know Zombie Road Rage is now free? Go check it out!!!

We added ads and got rid of the entry fee of .99. Anyone who bought before and posted scores should not have ads. Contact us if you do in any case.


App link:


And if you can bring yourself to admit like us on the Facebooks... We accept any state of decay. We are decay tolerant organization (i.e., zombies welcome)

Software is never really done. It is just stuck in an infinite loop of improvement iterations with varying degrees of usefulness...


So given that. All that a release or project abandonment really represents is a blocking call in the overall effort of the loop in question...

That is all... I hope you were not expecting more!!! I think this needs accreditation in parts, I have heard this in parts from others, my hope is I have made it my own enough to claim that it is from my own mind...

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