The "Portland Indie Game Squad" (PIGSquad) out of Portland Oregon has been around a few years before I joined up.

I can't praise this group enough. They are a very diverse community and very sensitive and diversity conscious group. The are very self-critical to the fact and as long as they continue to try to improve their inclusive nature I believe they are going to remain welcoming. It is a safe place to be yourself and every skill level and interest.

The benefits of membership is great (you just show up btw, 90% of most battles are won by just showing up [1]) You get feedback, you get to peek at the process others are going through, play ideas and participate in the most extraordinary part of game design, the part where you get to get feedback.

The chance to get feedback at Art/Code night and the monthly meeting to engage in deeper discussions about our regions and global developments in game development are splendid. Could I get all this online? Probably, but it would take 5x the effort I bet. Nothing compares to the efficiency and the diversity of the input and the opportunity to help abounds. I feel like I take more than I give, some of these guys really know what's going on under the hood. But don't let that intimidate! You have got to start somewhere and for Portland that should be PIGSquad if your serious about making games.

So yeah... I <3 the oink out of PIGSquad.

[1] completely fabricated fact.

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