I got hit with this issue the other day after importing a project out of Team Foundation Server, but this 'can' happens when switching workspaces which is where I saw it before, but the fix is the same and is trivial. Simply clean your project.

Go to the menu Project -> Clean

Then rebuild.


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It has worked every time for me (once I remembered.) I am hoping taking time to write this down does the following:

1) helps someone else in their time of need.

2) helps me remember this simple task instead of me staring dim witted at the error message and throwing my arms up in another fit of nerd rage...

#2 is likely behavior that will remain unchanged. For the rest of you I hope this helps. ;)

Meredith Cook, of MulchMedia.com, gave a great talk to the local Adobe user group meeting (PDX Adobe) here in PDX about her experiences helping make Flip the Bird. I was her colleague/wing man to handle any technical questions, but that is not what made it great. She is a thoughtful, well organized speaker, no ones time was wasted for the sake of the well organized narrative she gave. I may be biased, but her story was well received.


All the nitty gritty details (and links to the updated slide deck) can be found here on her Blog.

She did a great job, the meeting location was much improved over the closet they got stuck in last time (so I am told.) It was fantastic to meet the organizers and people in the community interested in learning and already doing this kind of thing.

For all the people having trouble with Doodle Army using a Samsung Galaxy S2, specificlly the I9100 version

We know there is an issue that typically manifests itself as a crash right around reaching the first checkpoint after the turtorial (for most people.) We have been pulling our hair as to why and someone finally responded with enough details for us to sort out a lead! And further digging turns out there is a known issue on this device that has a work around baked into our framework of choice (Cocos2d.)


This gives us something to work with. Hopefully we get a fix soon, this has dogged us for a few weeks now.

While our website is under reconstruction there is not a place for cool reviews. So we simply will have to settle for a link from one of developer blogs. Thanks for the great review. I am looking forward to the larger review to follow. I hope the game keeps on giving as the initial impressions!




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